#Online event: Turning Ethical AI into Technical Reality – The Role of Open Source and Standardisation

Date(s) - 18/11/2020
14:30 - 16:00

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Join us on 18 November for an after-lunch event organized with the office of MEP Tiemo Wölken. We will discuss:

  • How Open Source and Standards can make trustworthiness, preventing bias and transparency a reality for AI?
  • What do the European Commission’s strategy on AI: the white paper on AI, Digital Strategy, the Digital Services Act and the recent Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023 mean for the current technological landscape?

The event will focus on how the use of standardisation and open source-development can translate European ethical values and human rights into a technical reality and provide an open and trusted basis for technology implementation in the marketplace. Openness is key for making algorithmic systems fair, accountable and transparent. In order to make the notion of openness operative, relevant standards as well as open source technologies can lead the way for the developers, companies and legislators. OFE provides a space to discuss recent advancements in the field as well as its near future, based on industrial and governance perspective.

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