#Online event: Government after shock – an unconventional event for unconventional times

Date(s) - 17/11/2020 - 18/11/2020

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In the context of the unprecedented global impacts of the coronavirus crisis, the OPSI team will convene a new kind of international dialogue and knowledge exchange in collaboration with a worldwide network of national and sectoral contributing partners. This event, held from 17 – 18 November, will build on and explore the successes and lessons learned from government responses to Covid-19; examining how governments can integrate innovation and new ways of working as they rebuild and move beyond crisis, all in a flexible and adaptable event format.

In the innovative spirit of OPSI, we will co-design this ground-breaking event in close collaboration with a special purpose network of national partners and leading sectoral organisations as well as local event organisers and supporters. This two-part event will be an international gathering that is brought together virtually to discuss and share experiences and insights about government beyond the crisis.

  • Part 1 – Government after shock: Rethinking and rebuilding through innovation will be grassroots oriented, and focus on insights from the frontline
  • Part 2 – Government after shock: Collaboration for systemic change beyond crisis will bring together contributions from leaders around the world in an open forum

To find out more about the event, indicate your interest in contributing and participating, or subscribe to the latest event updates and news, please visit our website.

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