#Online event: European Open Source & Free Software Law Event (EOLE) 2020_’Free software acquisition by public administrations’.

Date(s) - 25/11/2020
12:30 - 14:00

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On Tuesday 1st December 2020, CH Open and why! Computing are hosting an online presentation about CERN’s newly updated Open Hardware Licence. This new version maintains the original goal of providing a sound legal basis for the sharing of hardware designs, while bringing in numerous improvements.

What is the EOLE?

The EOLE aims to promote the sharing and dissemination of legal knowledge related to free and open source software (FOSS) licences, as well as the development and promotion of good practices in the field. The event is organized as a conference cycle and is coordinated every year with a focus on a different subject matter. This year’s edition will focus on the legal aspects to be considered with regard to the use of free and open source software in public administrations, with five sessions foreseen as follows:

  • Public sector collaborations around FOSS projects;
  • Free software acquisition by public administrations;
  • Open source governance within public administrations;
  • Open science and open source;
  • Tools for public administrations.

EOLE is a non-profit event organized by open source actors, as well as individuals who are strongly engaged and interested in this subject matter.

Online registration is compulsory and free of charge. The first event will take place on 25 November 2020 and is focussed on ‘Free software acquisition by public administrations’.


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