#Online event: DeveloperWeek Austin

Date(s) - 17/11/2020 - 18/11/2020

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About DeveloperWeek Austin

What’s New at DeveloperWeek Austin?

This year at DeveloperWeek Austin, we’ve added new tracks and topics about the Dev Roadmap. No matter the industry, technology, or role, all dev teams share similar best practices. The Dev Roadmap is the 3 components that go into a successful developer project: DevTeam Practices, Dev Manager Practices, Developer Technologies.

DeveloperWeek Austin: Austin’s Definitive Dev Event of 2020
What’s going on at DeveloperWeek Austin?

  • 40+ Dev Exhibitors with the hottest technologies
  • 100+ Visionary talks and technical workshops
  • 3,000+ developers, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • 1:1 Networking, AMAs

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